Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty

Here's What Members Get:
  • 3 free “Share the Wealth” meetings for any economic network
  • Member Directory (listing and access)
  • Member Bulletin Board (private posts)
  • Group discounts and special offers
  • Association meeting space available to rent for business events
  • $59.99/year
  • Unused meetings roll over upon membership renewal
Members Can Earn Bonus Meetings

·         +1 free meeting or $20 credit for future events for each member referral

·         +1 free meeting when your suggestion is used

·         +5 free meetings by speaking at an event

·         +5 free meetings  for sponsorship


·         we don’t sell your information EVER

·         your directory information is shared with other members ONLY

Speaker FAQ

Q. How long do I speak? 

A. 15 minutes + Q & A, then we share for an hour


Q. How do I choose my topic?

A.  Your topic should fit the economic network, the month you are speaking, your expertise/passion, and some examples of how others can make use of your topic for themselves.  We can help prepare an outline for you.


Q. How does speaking benefit me?

A. You will be on our Topics page and listed in our Member Directory. We will also link to your webpage, and other social media upon request.


Q.  Do I need to advertise?

A.  You decide if you want to post your speaking engagement on your web page and other social media-- that’s it.


Sponsorship FAQ

Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  We ask that you supply about $100/worth of food and $50/worth of drinks. We ask that you introduce new tastings from local establishments.


Q.  Can I sponsor a specific speaker, topic or date?

A.  Of course.


Q.  How does sponsorship benefit me?

A.  You will get 5 minutes to speak at the event you sponsor to introduce new offerings, talk about your business strengths or ask for support. You will be on our Topics page and listed in our Member Directory.  We will also link to your webpage and other social media upon request.