“Share the Wealth”*
Topics Vary


Monthly Resource Exchanges 6 pm

 Contractors: controllers of your own destiny


 Foodies: love to creatively cook or eat


 Growers: gardeners, farmers, ranchers


 Makers: inventors, craftspeople, artists


 Techies: digitally interested


 Women: more than just the sum of your parts



    • Members may belong to any/all networks
    • Annual Membership includes 3 pre-paid “Share the Wealth” meetings
    • Non-members may pay to attend up to two meetings
    • Attendance must be reserved as sharing requires a cap of 30 attendees



* “Share the Wealth” and the “Women's Economic Network” were originated by C. J. Hayden, MCC, CPCC, Author, Get Clients Now!™ and 50 Ways Coaches Can Change the World as well as Founder of Wings for Business LLC, in San Francisco in 1993. The Founder of this Association was lucky enough to be an early participant and stayed with the Network until it ceased. C. J. has kindly given permission to recreate this in Bend.